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Fox, Wildlife, animal, New jersey, photography, print, nature, red fox, new jersey artist, whimsical

My Photography life

My passion for photography started in high school and it just grew from there. I like to go exploring from the beach to car shows to find the most pleasing photographs.  From Harley Davidson motorcycles to foxes my images vary.  

harley davidson, panhead, new jersey artist, motorcycle, biker, biker art, american iron, chopper

Photo Illustrations

I also take different photographs that I like and turn them into photo illustrations.  Which have a painted look, and I can take anyone of your photos and turn them into a photo illustration. 

tractor, farmland, black and white, blue tractor, new jersey farm, old tractor, rusted, photography

Make your Walls Happy

My photography brings a different emotion to different people which makes this so interesting to me.  It could remind you of a childhood memory. Like this infrared tractor image I made. this was two photos that I stacked together one was taken of the blue tractor the other was for the black and white background.

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