Abandoned Places in Sussex Nj

Traveling back from a great dinner from the Walpack Inn in Sussex Nj I looked out my window and we were passing this ghost town.  We made a right into the town and passed all of these old interesting buildings, a church, post office, school house. Which made me wonder why would all of these people just up and leave a town one day?  Weird outbreak or something?

When I go and google the words abandoned town in Sussex County, I find out that it was  due to government domain.  The town was called Walpack Center,  the government  wanted to flood the whole area to make the Tocks Island Dam along the Delaware River back in the 1960s.

Well heres the photos enjoy and let me know what you think, drop me a line tomseastcoastphotos.com.  Your comments keep me going, and wanting to explore more places.  Tom Birardifbprintoldchurch5103 fbprintoldschoolhouse5089

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