Howling Woods Farm

I went exploring Howling Woods Farm in Jackson New Jersey today with my Nikon d 800.  The wolves I found there were majestic, beautiful, very docile, and fun to watch.  They are a mix of wolf and dog which is the only reason why they can have us in the pens with the animals.  If they were full wolves then the animal wouldn’t be social at all, and would be on edge walking along the other side of the enclosure.  Since the animals at Howling Woods Farm has some dog in them they aren’t so frightened of humans.  However don’t just believe that you can just keep these kind of wolf dogs in your house they would rip apart your house, and they can’t be house broken.  These animals also need to be outside all the time.  I sell prints of these photographs just email me at if you would like one.  Otherwise don’t forget to like my Facebook to keep up on my updates click here.

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