Cheap Thrills Swap Meet

A few weeks ago the Cheap Thrills swap meet was going on in the Convention Center at Asbury Park New Jersey.  This meet had a nice selection of motorcycles there.  From Knuckleheads to Pans, to some Triumphs and newer bikes.  I took photographs of all of the ones that I thought had a old school awesome feel to them.  I wanted to find bikes that conveyed that old chopper feel, bikes that had a original look to them.  The vendors inside also had some great parts to pick up.  This swap meet was an altogether pretty interesting show, and hopefully there will be more.  All of the photographs were taken with my Nikon D 800 with a 28-300mm nikon lens with off camera flash.  Then I take them into photoshop to give them an illustrated look which I call photo-illustration.

As always if you would like a print email me at and throw my Facebook a like TomsEastCoastPhotos.

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