Snowflake / Ice Formation Photography

I started off getting my  nikon d 800 with a 60mm macro lens with an extension tube on it.  The extension tube is to bring the lens away from the camera, this is how I can get a closer macro photo.  Next step bundle up before going out, put out a piece of glass to catch the snowflakes then your on your way to photographing the snowflakes.

Snowflakes are very hard to photograph once they land they end up melting, and then they end up forming these ice formations.  Most of my photographs are of these odd ice formations that are made, because half the time they would land and just melt.    The first two photographs were the ones the came close to a snowflake photograph.

Email me at if you would like any prints of these.  Prices are matted 8×10 for $25, matted 11×14 for 55, or a 16×20 print for 50.  All of these come with a certificate of authenticity.


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